Traveling to escape myself

Like most things in life, reasons for travel can be ambivalent. I can’t honestly say I’m a mentally helathy enough person that I travel alone for pure reasons of curiosity and a sense of adventure.

I am an expat, and I have to say, sometimes I hate my home country, my host country, and most of all, myself.

It’s nice sometimes to go somewhere where no one knows your name.

And occassionally, to congratulate myself that I didn’t pick the worst country in the world to live in, and remind myself of overall how great I have it in the world. I more than hit the lottery.

Sometimes I wish I could start everything over from scratch.

And sometimes I just need a break from my host country.

But most of all, sometimes, I wish I could be anybody else, or I could hit the pause button on my life.

Not that I do instagram, but if I did, you’d only see the sunshine, but if pictures told true there would be a lot of rain.


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